Thank You’s

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It’s been almost 1 month since our Oakille Physio, Massage, Chiropody and Yoga Therapy Clinic made the difficult but necessary decision to temporarily close our doors to in person visits.

We want everyone to know that we are still here for you.

If you are having difficulties or concerns please reach out. We are here to help. 

Our Physiotherapists are able to treat our patients now using virtual platforms. This Virtual Physiotherapy is of the same high quality individualized care that our Physio’s strive to provide. Most insurance companies, including WSIB and MVA (car accident) insurance companies have now shifted to allow virtual Physiotherapy or telehealth physio. 

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I would like to thank our whole team who has adjusted along the way. I know our Massage Therapists and Chiropodists are also eager to get back to working hands on with patients when it is safe to do so.

Thank you to our families and friends who have been sounding boards and who have lent their support and various areas of expertise. This is a difficult time for everyone and to feel support and uplifted has been so helpful in the process of moving forward with a new and exciting platform.

We would like to than our IT company TechPeer for helping us along the way as we adjust to providing quality Physiotherapy care from an online platform. I did not want our Physiotherapists taking extra risks coming in to work, so TechPeer was extremely efficient and helpful in helping set us up to provide Virtual Physio from our homes.

We would like to thank Brick Whale Creative for helping us adjust our website quickly to reflect the changes we have made to our current care model. They are always helpful in offering options and suggestions. It really is a collaborative effort with these things that are out of the realm of our expertise!

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A big thank our patients for continuing to trust us with their care using virtual Physiotherapy. It has been and continues to be the biggest compliment when you are so pleased with your care that you refer your loved ones to us, share your positive experiences with others and share your positive experiences on facebook and google reviews. These small things really do make a big difference. 

As our scope or reach has now extended as a result of Virtual Physical Therapy care, if your friends and family who live outside of Oakville and Halton need Physiotherapy during this time of self isolation and physical distancing, our Oakville based Physiotherapists are able to assess and treat anyone residing in Ontario.

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If you are wondering if and how virtual physiotherapy may help you, whether it be pain, injury, weakness, return to function, treatment after getting your cast off, treatment after surgeries, advise and care after and during cancer treatments, etc. we are here to answer these questions. If you are concerned about the technology aspect, please don’t be. The platforms we use are very user friendly and if you have any difficulty we are here to talk you through it!

Please do not hesitate to reach out

We understand that your financial situation may have changed since starting your treatment or since certain government measures have taken effect. We are here to support you and work with you. Please contact our clinic to see how we can work together for you.