Chiropody FAQs

What is a Regulated Foot Specialist Called in Ontario?
Regulated foot specialists in Ontario are licensed with the College of Chiropodists of Ontario, and are called a Chiropodist or a Podiatrist.

Do I Need a Medical Referral?
No, a medical referral is not needed. Many patients are referred by their physician or another health care provider, but a referral is not necessary.

Can Chiropodists Prescribe Medications?
Our qualifications allow us to prescribe some medications that include various oral and topical antibiotics as well as non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. We can administer drugs thorough injection including local anesthesia and corticosteroids.

Do I Need an Appointment?
Yes, an appointment is required. An appointment is needed so ensure that all patients are given the proper time and medical attention. During your initial examination we first determine the exact nature of a problem. Through discussion, assessment and accurate diagnosis, a management plan will be formulated to meet your individual requirements based on patient involvement. Emphasis is placed on treating the primary cause of your problem as well as the symptoms to prevent pain recurrence.

Where is Palermo Physiotherapy and Wellness Centre?
Palermo Physiotherapy and Wellness Centre located in Palermo Professional Centre is fully wheelchair, walker and scooter accessible. There is free accessible parking to the building and elevator access to the second floor. We can assist if required, in transferring from wheelchair to treatment chairs.

How long is my first appointment and what should I bring?
Your first visit will include a thorough medical history being taken as well as a complete physical of your feet and legs. The initial appointment will last approximately 30 to 45 minutes. You should wear or bring two pairs of shoes you use the majority of the time (at work and free time) and you should wear or bring with you loose clothing (preferably shorts) so we can access/view the knees and lower leg. Please bring a list of any current medications you are taking.

Is Chiropody Covered by OHIP?
Chiropody services are not included under OHIP. Fees are covered under many extended health insurance plans. Patients are advised to consult their insurance carrier regarding their coverage and reimbursement prior to their appointment. Our staff can also help identify your fee coverage. Our fee schedule is based on the guidelines set by our professional association. For your convenience, we accept cash, debit, Visa, MasterCard.

What is the Cost of Treatment?
After the problem is assessed, cost will vary depending on what treatment is required.

Will the Treatment be Painful?
We make every attempt to minimise any discomfort you might experience as a result of your foot problem. The vast majority of our patients do not experience any pain as a result of our care. We use a variety of techniques and treatment models, to help ensure your visit is a pleasant and satisfying experience.