Ideas for Victoria Day Long Weekend

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Its Victoria Day Long weekend and mother nature has finally decided to bless us with some beautiful spring weather!! 

Here are a few ideas to take full advantage of this time off:

Go for a hike or walk

Put on appropriate footwear and take in some fresh air around your block, down by the lake or on a hiking trail if you’ve done it before. Make sure to stay hydrated and protect your skin with some SPF (even if its cloudy or overcast). Make sure to take breaks if you need to in order to catch your breath!

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Go for a swim

There are lots of community centres in Oakville that offer family swim time. Swimming is such a good full body exercise and is a fun way to get the whole family involved in being active. If you’re swimming outside, make sure to apply that SPF and to remember to re-apply as the day goes on.

Have an outdoor BBQ

One of my favourite summer activities is outdoor barbecuing at a park! Find an area by a big tree for some shade when the sun is shining particularly bright. Bring along a soccer ball, football or frisbee to get active with your loved ones or a boardgame or playing cards for a more low key activity.

Read a good book

This is my ultimate favourite activity for a long weekend. I love taking my book outside and immersing myself in another world – it’s a great way to be able to relax and take my mind off the hecticness of day to day life. 

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Whatever your plans for the long weekend, enjoy the company of your family and friends, take care of yourself and one another and be safe!