Physiotherapy for Hands

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Did you know that Physiotherapists treat even smaller areas of the body?

This includes the hands, wrists, fingers and thumbs. Even though they’re small joints, ligaments and muscles, they can cause large problems in peoples day-to-lives.

Physiotherapists Treat:

  • Post Fracture hands, wrists, fingers, thumbs. Physiotherapists help with mobility of the joints and muscles as well give strengthening to get back to functioning well!
  • Carpal Tunnel – that tingly and numb sensation in the palm area of the thumb first 2 fingers and the thumb side of the ring finger. This may be linked with areas further “upstream” also. Your Physio will get to the bottom of it and may suggest treating your forearm and neck also. Many pregnant women are susceptible to this when they have an increase in swelling.
  • Osteoarthritis – “OA” of the fingers, wrists or thumbs. The Physio may help with joint mobility and provide education on exercises to stay mobile and strong.
Oakville Physio clinic for sports injuries
Physiotherapy for Hands and Wrists
  • DeQuervain’s Tenosynovitis – Pain along the outside of the thumb and maybe forearm. This is often an overuse injury related to gripping, holding and carrying in awkward positions.
  • Wrist, thumb finger strains / sprains. We treat all sports injuries associated with hands and fingers. From volleyball to basketball to football. Having fingers bent back or falling on the wrist, our Physiotherapists assess and treat sports injuries. Physio will respect the stage of healing of this type of injury, ensure that your joints don’t get stiff and then help get you prepared for your sport again.
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Physiotherapy for all ages and stages.