Grow your Skeleton as an Adult!

It’s not too late to grow your skeleton as an adult! You still have the power as an adult to positively affect your adult skeleton. The best way to do this is…

…Muscle Use!

Bone will increase in bone mineral content as well as density when it is subjected to heavy loads. This can include heavy job tasks, but for many people it will mean resistance training. Explosive movement with impact can also lead to these changes.

People who have been involved in activities and sport with high-strength and high-power movements generally have higher bone densities.

If you haven’t been involved in sports in your youth or resistance training, it is not too late to start.

Bones showing osteoporosis showing oakville Physio and massage clinic

Bone adaptations can occur with:

  • Axial Loading – Overhead loading such as shoulder presses, overhead farmer carries, handstand holds, overhead squats, farmer carries, barbell squats, deadlifts
  • Frequency – bone changes take time, consistency is key
  • Variety – change how the load occurs, change the exercise

If you have low bone mineral density and are at high risk of fracture, decrease your risk through beginning a monitored and supervised training program. A Physiotherapist can help progress your exercises for bone density and make you feel confident in your movements.

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