Thank You for 5 Years!

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August 5th snuck by quietly this year.

August 5th, 5 years ago, Oakville’s Palermo Physio and Wellness opened its doors to our first official patients.

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Lisa Clifford Physio, Meeting Oakville Mayor Rob Burton at our Grand Opening ribbon cutting

The clinic started with a desire to treat our patients how we would want our family, friends and ourselves to be treated in a clinical setting. For me this meant appropriate time for a full assessment as well as subsequent treatments. This meant providing education first as a backdrop of working WITH someone towards their goals. The reality is that the body has a natural rate of healing and adaptation. When we provide it with an optimal environment and optimal input / output amazing things can happen!

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Thank you to our patients for your trust in returning to us over the years when there is a need and for sending your loved ones to us. Thank you to physicians for trusting us in the care of your patients when there other intriguing options out there. We are very clear that we do not pay for referrals from physicians, nor do we offer monetary or gift “incentives” for referrals. We have worked hard over these 5 years to foster an environment that is respectful of our practitioners, their licences as well as a high ethical standard of care.

Palermo Physio and Wellness Centre has been so lucky over the years to attract some incredible practitioners. They place patients first and are constantly striving to provide excellent care. What our patients may not see is all of the collaboartion and extra education our Physio’s, RMTs, Chiropodists and Yoga Therapists participate in to best work with their patients.

The front desk admin are the hidden (and not so hidden) hero’s of Palermo Physio and Wellness. They work hard to be a friendly face and voice for our patients. They are constantly learning and work incredibly hard to make sure the clinic is running smoothly. Our team or practitioners is so lucky to have the crew up at the front working with us.

5 years ago, my I stole my mom away from a job she loved to start this clinic with me. Knowing that I had my mom at the front with me was so comforting. She’s always had my back! Carol has been an essential part of this team over this past 5 years. Many of our patients have been missing her and have been asking about her. Carol has decided its was time to retire. She been missed at the clinic but know she deserves new adventures that retirement will bring! If there’s one thing about the team at Palermo Physio and Wellness is that we all never stop learning and know Carol is taking this attitude into retirement with her!

Woman stretching at desk at Oakville's Palermo Physiotherapy and Wellness to prevent injury and pain.

It Takes a Village

It really did take a village to get us going and for support over the years. I acknowledge and appreciate everyones support over these past 5+ years. From our accountant to our website designer, to tech support everyone has been so helpful.

Read below for some thank-you’s:

  • Brickwhale Creative for their support from the beginning. Including going above and beyond to try and give us advise beyond simply a website.I highly recommend their services!
  • Palermo Pharmacy for an ear in the beginning especially. I would sneak down during the day for a chat with Pharmacist Olivia. Her friendship and ear kept me sane!
  • Chorus Speech Language and Hearing was one of the first businesses to open in the building with us. We miss having you as our 2nd floor neighbours but are excited for your growth that took you to a bigger, better space on the 4th floor. We highly recommend this crew for your hearing and speech language pathology needs.
  • Radix Performance Centre
  • Alex and Element CrossFit for some heavy lifting help at the beginning and business chats over the years.

The team at Oakville’s Palermo Physio and Wellness thanks you all for your support and patronage over the years. We look forward to continuing to be part of the North Oakville community and providing quality and ethical care to our patients!