Use your Voice! The TMJ and Singers

Xray of Jaw showing Oakville Physio for TMJ

As many of you know, Physio Claire has been treating TMJ  issues at our Oakville Physio Clinic.

Oakville Physio doing acupuncture for treatment of TMJ
Physio Claire providing Acupuncture as part of Physio treatment

Recently she was asked to participate in a podcast at The Full Voice. This site provides resources to vocal teachers and singers.

Many people may not realize the extent to which the TMJ and the surrounding musculature impacts your vocals as a singer.

Here are some things to think about as a Singer from a Physiotherapists perspective:
  • Posture – how our joints and bones are lined up makes a difference in the coordination of the muscles that impact your voice, and the stress paced on your TMJ as you open your mouth
  • Tension – holding excess tension in this area or clenching your jaw impacts the health of the TMJ. It can also impact breath and posture.
  • Mouth Opening– Singing at different ranges requires a different amount of mouth opening (always warm this up!).
  • Prevention – Claire provides a list of tips and tricks on the full voice podcast page (link below)

Click HERE to access the podcast at the The Full Voice

TMJ picture showing Oakville Physiotherapist that treats TMJ issues