Prevention warts – from an Oakville Chiropodist

bare feet showing Halton foot clinic for foot pain

In our previous foot clinic blog post, we touch upon how warts are different than corns. While there are many effective treatments for warts, that can be provided by a Chiropodist, preventing warts is even better that treating.

Tips to avoid warts:

  • Avoid walking barefoot around pools, change rooms, gyms, and yoga studios. Wear flip flops or deck shoes to help prevent infection.
  • If you do have warts, protect the spread of infection through use of flip flops, protective spray and even a sock.
  • Avoid contact with warts, including your own. Wash your hands if you do touch / treat and area of warts.
  • Don’t share foot tools. Here at our Oakville foot clinic, we use special machines to sterilize all of our equipment. Any of your foot tools used on an area of warts shouldn’t be used on areas of health skin.
  • Do not share footwear.
oakville foot clinic treating thick toenails

If you do think you have a wart, early treatment will often result in more effective outcomes. Contact us if you think you have a wart. Our Chiropodists will be happy to assess and provide treatment options.