Massage Therapy as a Supplement in Post-Surgical Rehabilitation.

Showing leg fracture or broken leg and physiotherapy after injury provided virtually by Oakville Palermo Physio, to Ontario, Halton, acton, Georgetown, Burlington, Milton

Physiotherapy after musculoskeletal surgeries like hip replacements, knee replacements, ACL repair and shoulder stabilizations is common and expected. This type of treatment can last in some capacity for months after the surgery as a person gains back range of motion, strength, and function.

An amazing supplement to recovery after surgery is Massage Therapy.

Often the muscles around an area and above may feel tight and sore. For example in a knee or hip replacement surgery, a person may modify their walking pattern. This may create some tension in the hip or low back. The area around the neck and shoulder blade may get tight and sore when recovering from shoulder surgery.

Massage of the legs showing Oakville RMT

Having Massage Therapy around these areas, when cleared, can be helpful in decreasing pain and discomfort, they can also help increase range of motion.

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