Did you know Warts are often confused with corns?

Our Oakville Chiropodists often assess patients who have warts thinking they are corns, and vice versa. Warts, or verrucae, are often confused with corns.

In a previous blog post, we go more into detail about corns and corn treatment. In a nutshell, corns are the result of friction or pressure and warts form as a result of a viral infection.

Warts, while considered to be harmless can be unsightly and cause pain and discomfort. While there are many over the counter products available to treat warts, the diagnosis of the wart is important (remember, people mistake them for corns all the time!).

A Chiropodist will be able to identify if it is a wart and provide you with a number of treatment options the are proven to work.

Diabetic foot screening at oakville, Halton foot clinic by a chiropodist

Anyone can have plantar warts, but they are more common in youth and immunosuppressed people. Warts are highly infectious and pass easily from person to person. Pools and change rooms are common areas of transmission.

Your Chiropodist, or foot specialist will first identify and diagnoses what is bothering you on your foot. They will then discuss with you what may be the best treatment options for you. Remember, they are a partner in your health.

If you would like to book in with one of our North Oakville Chiropodists contact us, we are more than happy to help!