What are Corns? From and Oakville Foot Clinic

Many people relate foot care from our Oakville Chiropodists being related to foot care for seniors and diabetic foot care. We do also treat other uncomfortable foot issues like corns, calluses, ingrown toenails, thickened toenails and cracking heels.

While there are over the counter products you can try for many foot issues, it’s important to use the right tool for specific issues. Also, these over the counter solutions may not be as strong or work as quickly as what a Chiropodist can help you with for your feet.

What is a Corn?

A corn is an area of thickened skin that develops in response to areas of pressure or irritation. A corn can happen anywhere on the foot. Corns may be located on the top of the toes, especially where someone has hammer toes. Corns may also be loaned on the bottom of the feet where there are areas of pressure, such as the ball of your foot.

Corns are often thicker and smaller, and often deeper than the thickening of a callus.

No, corns are not contagious (like warts), but they can cause discomfort and more serious issues in people who have circulatory issues or are diabetic. It is important to have your feet checked and treated regularly by a trained medical professional, like a chiropodist using sterile tools, if you have diabetes or circulatory issues and have corns.

If you have circulatory issues or diabetes, over the counter remedies are not suggested. They can often do more harm than good.

Your Visit with the Chiropodist

The first time you visit one of our North Oakville Chiropodists they will take a thorough health history. The Chiropodist will inspect your feet thoroughly, they will see how you stand and walk. They will also want to take a look at your shoes.

Based on this assessment, the Chiropodist will suggest a course of treatment or your corn. Sometimes people are surprised it is a corn because they thought it was a wart, and vice versa. They will often suggest footwear and padding options as well.

Because corns can be cause by areas of pressure, which may be from our foot structure, additional follow-ups down the road may be needed. The time between appointments should be longer when you support the foot and protect areas from pressure and rubbing.

Our Chiropodists are happy to see you in our North Oakville clinic for any foot discomfort you may have. We know how important foot health is important for overall health.

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