Post Concussion Physiotherapy

Girl with stars around head showing physio treatment in oakville for dizziness

A Physiotherapist can help you recover after a concussion.

Concussions, or mild traumatic brain injury, can be caused by any type of injury with a bump or jolt to the head and/ or neck. The majority of people who sustain a concussion recover from symptoms in a few weeks with proper care. There is a small percentage who take longer to recover from concussion and experience symptoms for a longer period of time.

A Physiotherapist can help in both cases.

Some Concussion Myths:

Common myths or misconceptions is that you need to hit your head or have lost consciousness to have experienced a concussion. Many people believe that if you are wearing a helmet at impact, you could not have experienced a concussion.

This is not the case.

Your brain is protected by your skull and the surrounding fluid (cerebrospinal fluid). It is also protected in a way by the surrounding neck musculature that keeps your neck from moving. Aggressive movements or impacts to the head that cause the brain to move in the skull may cause a concussion.

Signs / Symptoms of Concussion:

Everyone experiences a concussion differently. Signs and symptoms of a concussion can include one, or any combination of the following.

  • Headache
  • Neck pain
  • Light sensitivity
  • Dizziness
  • Problems with balance
  • Nausea / Vomiting
  • Difficulty with reading (comprehension / retention)
  • Memory disruption
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Fatigue
  • Irritability

Symptoms of concussion can last for days to months. It is important to have a strong medical team including a Physiotherapist to help manage these symptoms and guide you through recovery.

What does Physio Treatment for Concussion look like?

Physiotherapy for concussion rehab looks different based on the person. It depends on a persons symptoms and goals.

One of the biggest roles of a Physiotherapist in post concussion treatment is education. Education of the patient and their family on progressing activity and how to manage the above symptoms is important. They will give you tools based on where you are in your journey.

Physio that combines treatment for your symptoms is important. This may include some combination of visual rehabilitation, vestibular physio, treatment for the neck joints and muscles as well as exercise therapy. These all help retrain the brain and connected systems effectively.

baseball player showing post ACL reconstruction rehab at Oakville Physio clinic

Our North Oakville Physiotherapists are trained in Physio treatment for concussion. We are happy to help and get you going. Whether it is a week, or months post concussion, our Physio’s are here for you and your concussion recovery.

Contact us to book your Physio appointment with one of our North Oakville Physiotherapists.