Oakville – Summertime Fun!

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There is still some summer left! Don’t despair. Even if you don’t have time off work and you haven’t booked an away vacation, there is still plenty to do around the Oakville and Halton areas. Here in Oakville, we often start hibernating when the weather gets cold, so take advantage of the longer days and warmer weather while it lasts!

Summer Activities!

Oakville Parks

Take advantage of the parks and locations around us here in Oakville.

Coronation Park is located right on the lakefront. It’s an amazing place to check out a sunrise or sunset. There are nice trails along the lake to take a walk, set up a chair or blanket and read a book, or set up a yoga mat and flow beside the water. If you’re going with little ones, there is a nice park and splashed to cool off in.

Lions Valley Park is located off of Dundas and 4th line area. It’s located in a valley with Sixteen Mile Creek running through it. This generally makes it a little cooler than the rest of Oakville. Our friends at Lions Valley Athletics have already discovered this secret, using this park and its trails when weather permits for their workouts. There is also a fun park to use and sheltered areas that can be rented. It can also be a little more quiet than the lakeshore parks in Oakville.

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Oakville Shops

Explore Oakville’s local shops restaurants and coffee shops. Downtown Oakville and Kerr Village are a fun walk with places to rest a people watch with a tea, cold drink, or ice cream. Checking out the local community is also a nice way to feel like you’re part of it.

You may find some free yoga classes happening downtown Oakville, offered by various brands / stores. Outdoor yoga is great yoga! There are also evenings of music in the square, and movies! Check out the calendar HERE.

Water Activities

We’re so close to the water in Oakville. If you’re comfortable being out on the water, take advantage of the proximity. There are options for paddling lessons or rentals around Oakville. Ontario Sea Kayak Centre offers lessons. Check them out HERE for specifics. We went out stand up paddle boarding and outrigger paddling with Wainui Outrigger last summer, and it was a blast! You can check them out HERE.

Oakville’s neighbour to the West also has some water options. Burlington Beach is a pleasant surprise in the middle of the GTA. Burlington Beach Rentals allows you to try kayaking or stand up paddle boarding in a specific area along the shore. Parking can ben an issue on busy days, so get there early or a little later.

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Escarpment Hiking

We’re so lucky in Oakville to be a quick drive to the Escarpment and Halton hiking trails. The Bruce trail can be accessed from a few off road places, or from parking in assigned lots form the conservation authority. Some trails are more advanced and longer than others, so it’s important to do some planning depending on your capabilities and those of who you are going with.

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