Meet Emma one of our Front End Team Members! – Team Tuesday

Oakville physiotherapy clinic with best Physio's treating sports injuries and MVA's

Hi there! I’m Emma. I think one of my favourite things about working here is seeing or hearing about patients improving. It’s a really satisfying thing to hear when people call in to let us know how well they’re doing or that they are being discharged by the Physio, RMT, or Chiropodist and don’t need another because they’re doing better. That, and my co-workers – everyone is warm and friendly with their own sense of humour. There have been quite a few times I walked back into the staff room to the middle of a fun conversation. The Harry Potter books come up a lot more often in a physiotherapy clinic than I would have expected.

When I’m not at work, I like to read, write stories, play video games, and hang out with my pet dog Gilligan. The last movie I watched was Men In Black. My older brother was visiting recently and found it on tv. It’s more than twenty years old but it still holds up!

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