How do you know if you have TMJ issues?

TMJ (jaw) issues can be something that creep up on people or may happen quiet suddenly. Symptoms of TMJ problems can range form mild to severe. They can also wax and wain. We often don’t see people in our Oakville Physio and Massage clinic for TMJ issues until they are having significant pain or difficulties with eating.

Common Symptoms of TMJ Dysfunction:

  • Pain in the TMJ / Jaw joint- this is generally located just in front of the ear hole. You can feel the TMJ moving by placing your fingers on this space and gently opening and closing the mouth.
  • Shifting of the jaw with opening and closing
  • Popping or clicking with opening and losing of the jaw
  • Muscle pain or tension with the muscles that surround or help the jaw open and close
  • Headaches -often tension headaches from the muscles surrounding the jaw
  • Tinnitis – ringing in the ears. This may also have other causes, but TMJ issues can be one of them.
TMJ picture showing Oakville Physiotherapist that treats TMJ issues

At our Oakville Physio and massage clinic we do a thorough assessment of your TMJ and the surrounding areas to address issues that may be contributing to your TMJ pain / dysfunction.