Aging Myths – From an Oakville Physio

woman after working out showing Oakville pelvic health Physio

MYTH: Aging means inevitable decline in your health and / or disability

There are certainly some diseases and issues that become more common with aging. BUT. Getting older doesn’t mean an inevitable decline in health or us of a walker / wheelchair. There are many older adults who continue to live a healthy and active lifestyle or get back to a healthy lifestyle after illness. Healthy eating, exercising, socializing, and managing stress can all reduce the risk of chronic disease or injury as an older adult.

Also, older adults can work towards better health and fitness after illness or even preventatively. It is important to have consistent healthy practices for good health, especially as we age.

It is for these reasons that Oakville’s Palermo Physiotherapy and Wellness has started to offer a Physiotherapist supervised exercise program for older adults and those with other health issues. We offer this as a drop-in program, but encourage signing up early because we like to keep class sizes small to provide more individualized attention.

We offer this program currently 1 day / week as a means to provide adults with confidence in their movement and progress their strength. Fall prevention requires strength, novel movement and balance work. We provide this at a level of challenge that is appropriate for the individual.

Oakville Physio showing exercise prescription

Please call our clinic at (905) 582-9700 or email for more information.