Stay Cool with your Summer Activities – From an Oakville Physio

tying running shoes showing Oakville Physio and running group

Happy Summer Oakville!

It seems like better weather has snuck up on us and here we are! It’s summer vacation in Oakville. With a few extra hot days hitting us for the next few days, it’s important to stay safe and modify activities accordingly.

Many people with big goals like to continue with the activities even in the hot weather. There are soccer games to be played and races to train for.

Here are some ways to stay cool and modify your activities:

The Early Bird gets the Worm!

Get out early if your activity allows it. It tends to be cooler in the mornings as the sun is rising.

Try Inside!

Try indoor options. The treadmill may have to do. There are also indoor tracks in some community centres in Oakville and Milton.


Shorten your distance or time. Change your plan up and be flexible. It’s better to do something than nothing.


Try a supplementary activity to what you are training for, but indoors. A spinning class or water running has carry over to running. HITT or high intensity interval training can help replicate the short bursts required for soccer and basketball.

Oakville Physio showing gym on vacation

Take a rest day.

Give yourself permission to take a rest day. Do some light active rest, work on mobility work a gentle yoga flow.

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Plan to stay cool

If you must be outside on those hot days, wear appropriate clothing. Use lighter coloured and sweat wicking fabrics. Use a lighter coloured sweat wicking hat. Stay in the shade as much as you can.

Drink lots of water

Stay hydrated. Take water on your workout. Make sure you keep your electrolytes balanced by adding a pinch of salt to your water.

Eat your water

Not everyone loves drinking water. On hot summer days choose fruits vegetables with a higher water content like cucumbers and watermelons.