Tips for Healthy Diabetic Feet – from an Oakville Chiropodist

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Your feet are important part of your overall health. This especially the case for those with diabetes.

In order to maintain the health of your feet as a diabetic, we recommend the following:

  1. Have your feet checked annually by your Chiropodist. It is important to espztblish baseline measures of sensation and skin integrity.
  2. Check your own feet daily. Use a mirror if need. Look at the bottoms, tops and in between toes. Check for areas of blisters, skin breakdown, redness, skin buildup and any odours. If you notice anything of concern make an appointment to see your Chiropodist. If your vision or range of motion does not allow this, have a loved one assist you. You may also want to see your Chiropodist more frequently.Family feet on the grass showing oakville Physio and foot clinic
  3. Be aware of sensations of the foot. Do you have  decrease in sensation of the feet? Do your feet burn or have tingling? Do not go barefoot if you have limited sensation and ensure your shoes are empty before putting them on.Words to describe diabetic foot clinic and foot care
  4. Look after your toenails. Your Chiropodist can help with this more regularly. Going to a nail salon is a risk due to sensation and potential for infection. Your Chiropodist sterilizes all instruments safely. If you cut your own toenails, do not cut the sides to help prevent ingrown toenails.Footprint showing Oakville and Burlington foot clinic
  5. Wear shoes that fit properly. Avoid shoes with a narrow toe box or shoes that are minimalist. Your foot specialist may suggest specific shoes for your feet. If there are are areas of the foot that have increased pressure, your chiropodist may also suggest custom orthotics to protect the feet and skin.
  6. Maintain your general health. This includes eating a health diet and maintaining appropriate blood sugar level.

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Please call our Oakville / Palermo Foot Clinic if you would like to book a Diabetic Foot Screening with one of our Chiropodists. (905) 582-9700.