How to be Safe with Spring Training!

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It’s Spring! As seasons change so do our sports and hobbies. Some of us have been active through the winter in other activities and some may be starting up new ones again. This time is a vital time to properly ease into activity to prevent injuries. At our Oakville Physiotherapy, Massage and Foot Clinic we often see “seasonal” injuries linked to different sports as well as improper preparation. Here are some ways to prevent injuries as we ramp up new activities:

  • Train the Movements – Before even starting your sport or activity, starting sport specific movements and training to prepare your body for what you will be asking of it will serve you well.
  • Strengthen Key Stabilizing Muscles – Whether your activity is more agility based or straight planar movements ensuring you’re moving from a solid base will help prevent injury and even help with your performance.
  • Warm-Up Properly – Before your activity / sport move your joints through the motions you will be asking of them. Warm your muscles and gradually build intensity closer to “game pace”.

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    Prevent Injuries with a Physiotherapist Prescribed Plan!
  • Have a Plan – Even if it’s a rough one. Gradually increasing the intensity at which you train will allow your tissues to time to get stronger. Too much too soon can result in tendinitis and muscle strains.
  • Recover Well – Proper recovery is multi-faceted and includes proper sleep, food intake, rest days / recovery days, and mobility work (massage).
  • Don’t be a Weekend Warrior – sitting at work, in the car, on the couch throughout the week and then one day a week asking your body to perform like a professional athlete isn’t fair and your body is more likely to shout WHY ME!!? at you during the activity or the days after. Set yourself up for success and have a few things you do to balance out your week – it doesn’t have to be a lot.

At our Physiotherapy, Massage and Foot Clinic in Oakville on the borders of Burlington and Milton, we can provide personalized pre-season and injury prevention programming and advice for patients to help ensure their success as they enter into a new season/ activity or as they return to activity after an injury.