Chiropodist vs Podiatrist

Footprint showing Oakville and Burlington foot clinic

Palermo Physio and Wellness has a Chiropodist as a member of our team. Many people when they come in, haven’t heard of the title “Chiropodist” and are much more familiar with the term “Podiatrist”.

What is the difference between a Chiropodist and a Podiatrist?

Chiropody is defined under the Ontario Chiropody Act as “ the assessment of the foot, and the treatment and prevention of diseases disorders, or dysfunctions of the foot  by therapeutic, orthotic or palliative means”

This defines what a chiropodist does.

Podiatrists are American trained Foot practitioners regulated and registered under the Provisions of the Chiropody Act , Province of Ontario prior to 1993.  Podiatrists have qualified from an American School of Podiatry and then registered  in Ontario. Podiatrists that have trained in the United States who register in Ontario after 1993 are registered as Chiropodists.


Family feet on the grass showing oakville Physio and foot clinic
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