Find the Running Shoes for You – From an Oakville Chiropodist

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Many people have started new activities lately. Maybe their previous pass times still aren’t running, or they’ve decided to branch out and try something new. A key piece of equipment for many activities that is often overlooked is shoes.

Having proper training footwear, or running shoes helps lower the risk of injury. When starting a new activity, or participating in a familiar one, there is always a risk of doing too mush too soon. Having proper footwear is vital in the prevention of tendonitis, joint pain and stress fractures.

Benefits of Good Training / Running Shoes:

  • Cushioning for your feet: cushioning helps absorb some impact from the surface of movement. Cushioning that’s focussed on the midsole helps decrease stress on the feet and ankles. Cushioning also helps protect the joints above, in the back, hips and knees.
  • Better joint alignment: a well structured shoe with proper cushioning and arch support helps ensure the alignment of the joints of the ankle, knees, and hips. This protects them from overuse and wear as well.
  • Arch support: whether you have flat feet, or high arches, having proper arch support helps support the joints and ligaments of the feet. Your Chiropodist can help determine the right balance or support for you based on your arch.
  • Performance: increased comfort, better alignment, and energy conservation can all add up to help performance.
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Type of Foot Contact:

Whether you have a high arch or a flat arch, your foot may pronate, over-pronate or supinate as you go through your stride. You may glean information about this by the wear pattern on your old shoes as well as video of your running with and without shoes. Any of these positions aren’t inherently “wrong”, but your foot can be supported to optimize positioning for you.


Over-pronation – positioning that puts the most weight on the inner edge of the foot. Someone with type of foot may benefit from more of a motion-control shoe. These shoes provide more stability for someone who may be more hyper mobile as well.

Supination – positioning that puts the most weight on the outer edge of the heel and foot. These types of feet often do well with a little more cushioning and flexibility to the shoe.

Specific Running Shoe Types:

  • Everyday Running Shoes” – These are typical training shoes. They can be used for most daily running / training activities. These runners can be used for treadmill running, track training and sidewalk/pavement running.
  • Trail Running Shoes – these are more durable, have better tread for foot placement and have stronger soles.
  • Lightweight / Minimalist shoes – These are best for serious runners and generally used for races. Your running coach ca help you choose a shoe that is lightweight to maximize energy efficiency in your races.
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Many people reach to minimalist shoes for everyday shoes. To run into a store or have on casually they are generally “ok”. For longer standing, walking and running there is generally not enough cushioning, or arch support for most people. These often contribute to overuse type soft tissue issues, like achilles tendinitis or plantar fasciitis.

Our Oakville Chiropodists (foot specialists) can asses how you stand, and move to help direct you to the best training, walking, and running shoes for you. Shoes are a tool to help prevent injury and to help with performance. Be proactive with your foot and joint health through your activities and footwear choices. Some people may benefit from

Contact our North Oakville Foot Clinic to book an appointment. Most foot care (Chiropody) appointments can be covered under private insurance. It will generally be listed as Chiropody or “Podiatric Footcare”.