Routine Foot and Nail Care

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A commonly asked question when people see the services our Oakville clinic offers is “what is a Chiropodist”? Many people have private insurance coverage for foot care provided by a Chiropodist (Foot Specialist) – this may also be under Podiatry (these are equivalent qualifications). This covers the scope of practice of a Chiropodist including assessment and treatment for fungal toenails, wart care, ingrown toenails, corn and callus treatment etc. It is good practice to have a foot assessment, especially as we get older to recognize and curb potential  or worsening foot issues.

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Healthy Feet are Happy Feet

For those who have difficulty reaching their  own feet for standard foot and nail care, a Chiropodist / Foot Specialist can assist in doing this safely as their equipment is sterilized. There are many things that may make foot and toenail care more challenging for a person. Someone who has an injury or issue that makes forward bending more difficult, or arthritis in the hips would benefit from assistance from a foot specialist. Someone who would also benefit from foot and nail care from a foot specialist may have arthritis of the hands and fingers making manipulating small objects difficulty. The foot clinic at Palermo Physiotherapy and Wellness Centre in North Oakville, offers a seniors discount for basic foot and nail care. It is important to keep your feet healthy as they play such a large role in your mobility and function.

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