Get the Most out of Your Massage!

Massage in Oakville, Burlington, Milton

People access Massage Therapy (provided by an Registered Massage Therapist) at our Oakville location for a variety of reasons. Whether it be to decrease muscle tension, help increase range of motion, recover from a sport / training, because of low back pain in pregnancy, or simply to decrease stress and relax, there are certain things to take into account to get the most out of your massage. Communication is key Рprior to treatment you should be discussing with your Massage Therapist a few things.

Communicate with your Massage Therapist:

  • Changes in health status – if you have had any illness, testing, new diagnoses or concerns since you have last had a massage should be noted to your Massage Therapist. You may think it is a small change or issue but it may affect how your Therapist chooses to treat.
  • Why have you come for a Massage?¬†– is it for simple relaxation, is it for recovery from an event, or are you preparing for an event?

    Massage Therapy in Oakville, Physiotherapy
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  • Level of pressure you prefer (this should also be an ongoing discussion during your massage – let your Massage Therapist know if you would like more or less pressure.
  • How did your feel after your last massage – let your Massage Therapist know if you were tender etc. We often get feedback from people that they slept better the night of a Massage. It is important to give the therapist feedback so they can adjust or modify their technique. For example if you suffer from headaches and treatment to loosen tight muscles hasn’t been helping your Massage Therapist may refer you back to your physician or even suggest seeing an Eye Doctor / Optometrist (as discussed with Envision Eyecare). As often headaches can be vision related

After your Massage Appointment:

  • Move and stretch – it is important to take your joints and muscles through a gentle range of motion to reinforce the work that the Massage Therapist has done with you. They will likely recommend a few movements or stretches that will be most beneficial. They may also recommend heat in the form of a warm shower or heat pack to help those muscles stay relaxed.
  • Between Massage sessions use self release / mobilization techniques as directed by you Massage Therapist. This can be as simple as a lacrosse ball or an umbrella. Your Massage Therapist will also direct you in what techniques are most appropriate for you.