Physiotherapy – In-Person

While we have continued to treat many patients virtually during the past weeks, we are so please that we will be able to open our Oakville clinic doors to Physiotherapy patients! Our Chiropody colleagues have restarted their foot clinic appointments and we are following suit.

Starting on June 1st, our Oakville based Physiotherapists will be treating Physiotherapy patients in-person, as well as continuing virtual care. What is also exciting, is that our Virtual Physio clinic has allowed us to see Physiotherapy patients from all over Ontario. This is of great value for people who have difficulty accessing care. They may live in a more remote area of Ontario, or they may simply have difficulty leaving their home.

Either way, we are very please that this is a service we will be continuing to provide. Click HERE for more information of virtual Physio care.

Effective last night (Tuesday May, 26th) the CMOH released amended Directive #2 and new guidance on operational requirements for health sector restart…..

That means Physiotherapy clinics!

The document outlines measures that must be in place for us to be able to see you in person. These are measures we have already been working on to make sure we are ready to see our patients.

While we will be striving to provide the same excellent care, whether it is virtually or in-person, there will be some changes in the clinic and our operations. These changes allow us to comply with the MOH, our professional governing body, and keep you and our team safe and healthy!

When you call to book a Physiotherapy appointment, we will provide the option for virtual Physiotherapy.

If you are booking an in-person Physiotherapy assessment or follow-up, you will be asked the COVID-19 screening questions at the time of booking.

Intake Forms / paperwork – In order to eliminate as many points of contact and patient overlap we require that you complete your paperwork prior to entering the clinic for your physiotherapy assessment / treatment.

Masks – we ask that you wear a mask to your appointment. You will be closer than 2 meters to your practitioner. Please wear a mask to protect them, they will be wearing one to protect you.

On the day of your Physio appointment:

We ask that you remain in your car until 5 minutes prior to your appointment time. We are trying to avoid as much patient crossover in the clinic as possible.

Water – please bring your own water to your appointment, should you need it. As our water cooler is considered a high-touch surface, it will be removed from the gym area.

Take the stairs to our suite on the 2nd floor to avoid waiting in the lobby and elevator time (they are down the same hallway as they women’s washroom). The stairs can be found just before the x-ray / ultrasound lab.

When you enter our Oakville Physio clinic, you will be asked to wear a mask if you are not already. You will be asked to sanitize and hand rub for 20 seconds, if you haven’t already. You will again be asked the screening questions prior to your appointment. (you may get tired of them every time!)

You will notice that we have plexiglass installed at the front desk. Don’t worry, it still feels very open!

You will be directed to your appointment room right away. You may have a seat in a specific chair outside of the room, if it is still being cleaned for you.

Your Physiotherapist will be wearing any combination of the following:

Mask – your physio will be wearing a procedure mask during in-person physiotherapy sessions.

Face shield – it is strongly recommended by our college that we wear a clear face shield.

Scrubs – this is personal preference

Treatment gown – if a physio is using treatment techniques where their clothing may be in contact with your clothing, they may choose to wear a treatment gown. They will let you know why. You can make fun of them for their poor fashion sense. These gowns will be laundered appropriately between every use and never reused for another treatment.

After your Appointment

Re-Booking – In an attempt to avoid patient crossover in our reception area, your Physiotherapist will be rebooking follows-up physio treatments with you.

Payment – Cashless payments. Contactless-payment at the front desk. We will be accepting credit cards and debit cards. We will continue to offer direct billing options. We are also accepting e-transfers.

The behind the scenes.

Your Physiotherapist and all admin staff will be required to self-screen prior to attending the clinic. They will be answering the same questions as our Physio patients.

Enhanced Cleaning – all high touch surfaces in the clinic will be getting extra TLC. This includes door knobs counters, workstations, point of sale terminal, equipment, chairs etc. We have a list staff will follow and they will be documenting this process. Every treatment room is the responsibility of your clinician / physiotherapist. We have increased time between patient bookings to ensure the thoroughness of the process. All products used have Health Canada DIN numbers as required. They will also be documenting this between each patient. Documents will be maintained for 10 years. We will be obtaining a fogger where we can mist the rooms and clinic will a cleaning solution during longer breaks and in the evenings when we close in preparation for the next day.

Laundry – we will be maintaining the same high standards of cleanliness. Laundry will be on the highest heat settings. We will be using bleach in all loads. Clean linens will be stored in rooms in closed containers. Pillows will be covered with vinyl that can be sanitized and pillow cases over top.

Your Physiotherapist always maintains excellent hand hygiene this will be no different. They will be hand washing / rubbing after, between, and likely during appointments.

If you have any questions or concerns as we transition to some in-person physiotherapy care please contact us. We are happy to answer all questions and make you feel comfortable. Remember: Virtual Physiotherapy sessions are also still being provided. We have seen such value in them, that it will be something that we continue to provide to our Halton community and to anyone in Ontario. These virtual or telepath physio sessions are covered by most insurance companies.