Choose the Best Shoes for the Gym

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One of the most common questions we get at our Oakville Foot Clinic is regarding the best footwear for working out. At this time of the year many people are getting back into or starting an exercise program.  It is important to have the right shoes for your feet and activity!

A Chiropodist (Foot Care Specialist) can assess your feet and gait to help you choose the right shoes for you.

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When you’re Choosing Shoes Consider a Few Factors:

  1. What is the Activity? The type of activity you participate in will generally determine the best type of shoe. If you participate in multiple activities, if you can, it might be smart to purchase a dedicated shoe for each. This will help ensure you get optimal support and protection in every situation. It may be best to invest in a great pair of shoes for the activity you spend the most time doing. You Chiropodist can help you divide and conquer these decisions based on your feet as well as your goals.
  2. Understanding your Foot Structure? In general people’s feet fall into one of three categories. This categories are neutral, pronators (flat feet), supinators (high arches). man trail running to show oakville physio clinic and sports physioIt important to have a Chiropodist or Physiotherapist assess these attributes. We often see people who have been told they have “flat feet” when in reality they don’t. There may be other factors at play. When a foot in incorrectly categorized, the wrong shoes may be worn that actually over-correct and cause problems.
  3. When is it Time to Replace? How long have you had your shoes and how much wear do they have. We have seen runners continually replace the rubber bottoms but the cushioning of the shoe needs to be taken into account also.
  4. How to Try on Shoes? Bring the socks that you will be wearing for the activity as well as your custom orthotics if you have them. This ensures a proper fit. A good shoe store will allow you to return them if you have not work them outside within a reasonable amount of time.
  5. Don’t fall for Myths. Athletic shoes should absolutely feel comfortable when trying them on in the store. The shoe does not necessarily need to be a high price to be a great pair. Your Chiropodist can give you a list of great pairs of shoes at different price points. You are better having less pairs of shoes that are great fitting.

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Our Oakville Chiropodist will assess your feet thoroughly as well as your movement to give you the best information possible regarding footwear. We do not work with specific brands and have an unbiased opinion.  Our goal is to help you with your goals.

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