Ask an Oakville Chiropodist: What are Common Treatments for Heel Pain?

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One of the most common issues we see at our Oakville Physio and Foot Clinic is foot and heel pain.

If you are suffering from heel pain you are not alone.

There are many effective treatment options for heel pain and foot pain. These treatments can range from more to less conservative. One of the the biggest issues, like any other injury, is getting to the “WHY”?

What has caused that foot or heel issue to begin in the first place?

If the issue leading to this pain are not addressed it is more difficult to treat the pain.

At our Oakville Foot Clinic, the Chiropodist works closely with the Physio’s with regards to heel pain. Palermo Physio and Wellness adopts a multi-faceted approach to treatment aimed at decreasing inflammation and promoting healing. As well as encouraging better foot mechanical functioning. While Custom Orthotics can help and be part of the picture, an Orthotic alone is often not enough to resolve foot and heel pain.

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The Pieces of the Puzzle:
  • Activity – managing and modifying activities that may be contributing to the foot or heel pain.
  • Footwear – assessing and discussing footwear and how it may contribute as well as how to modify to your particular foot type, body type and activity.
  • Exercises – exercises to help strengthen weaker muscles and arch supporting muscles. Exercises to help stretch tight muscles and tissues.

It is important to help address all issues of the puzzle is treating foot and heel pain.