Get Moving Series

Are you having a hard time sitting to work and focus?

Are your littles also have a difficult time focussing on school work or other sit down learning projects?

We have some suggestions for you!

Exercise can help with stress, boost your immunity, and for this posts purpose; help you concentrate and focus.

After breakfast (and maybe even before), one of your first things to do as an individual or family is some exercise. There are many sources online for these but we’ll be providing you with a few ideas from a Physio perspective in the upcoming days. Our friends at Radix Performance Centre in Oakville have been kindly sharing home workouts on their IG page for generally fit people. Remember you can sub in easier exercises and always modify repetition schemes if you haven’t been doing that volume of movement.

Basic Ways to Exercise for Increased Focus / Concentration:

  • Go for a brisk walk we’re blessed in Halton / Oakville with the space of the suburbs head to a park for some green space as well (all play ground structures are currently closed).
  • Go for a bike ride. Strap on your helmet and go for a ride locally. There are some trails and definitely some bike lanes.
  • Play soccer or do some drills.
  • Tag and running games
  • In house dance party
  • Traditional calisthenics

We will be sharing some specific games / activities to get you moving over the next little while. Hopefully this helps you not only sit and focus better, but also manage stress.