Yes we direct bill! – Some FAQs

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The question of whether our Oakville clinic can bill directly to insurance is a complicated one.

The short answer is: YES!  We can bill directly insurance companies.

Much like our Dentist neighbours, we can assist our patients by billing directly to MOST insurance companies. There are some exceptions to this. Each company has their own specific policy with the insurance company they work with.

  • This means that we may be able to put a claim in for a patient and the insurance pays us.
  • This may mean that we put in a claim for the patient and the insurance will re-imburse the patient. In this situation the patient will be responsible for the payment to us.
  • In some cases the persons specific insurance coverage will not allow us to submit or collect on their behalf. In this situation we ask the patient pay the clinic for their treatment after they receive it and submit their own claim for re-imbursement.

It is always best to contact your insurance company directly and ask what your coverage is and how you can make your claims. This way there are no surprises. We are happy to help you with questions you should ask such as:

  • What are you covered fro each visit? (maximum percentage or dollar amount)
  • What is your total annual limit?
  • Do you need a doctors note / referral to be able to access your insurance? (This may be the case even though your Physio or RMT do not require one)

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