Yes! Your Custom Orthotics Should be Comfortable!

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We see many people at our Oakville Wellness Centre, for a variety of issues, who have been prescribed Orthotics (specialized foot / shoe inserts) in the past. For example someone comes for Physiotherapy for knee pain, they have very “flat feet” and were given Orthotics from a different practitioner previously. They report that they do not actually use these orthotics because they hurt their feet. Another example would  be someone who has worsening foot pain / plantar fasciitis with standing at work, they have gotten orthotics but they use an insert over their orthotic because they find them uncomfortable.

If you have been provided Orthotics they should always be comfortable. They should make your feet feel good! Your provider should give information on how to use the orthotics and wean onto them that is specifically geared to you. After a specialized biomechanical assessment and examination a Chiropodist / Foot Care Specialist will be able to customize a comfortable Orthotic that is built up, supported, and cushoned  in the right places. This will allow for appropriate correction and support for YOUR foot. A Custom Orthotic should be just that – customized to you based on your measurements and your foot, not just chosen as a “best fit” option. Read HERE to read more on why all Orthotics aren’t created equal. Whether it be to help flat arches, high arches, heel pain, arthritis, or offload areas of pressure in people with diabetes, you should find that your Orthotics are comfortable and helpful.

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Have Bunions? Orthotics can help prevent them from progressing and help with pain.