Winter’s Here! Tips for Snow Tires!

Ice showing how to treat an acute injury in a physio and massage clinic

Looking out the windows from our Oakville Ontario clinic and hearing about the big dump of snow Buffalo has just gotten, it’s clear that the 2014-2015 winter season is upon us. Santa Clause Parades have taken place this past weekend in Oakville, Toronto, Milton and will take place in Burlington December the 7th. With every season there are new activities that we haven’t been doing on a regular basis where we should remind ourselves to take our time, use better body mechanics, or ask for help. As the snow starts to fall, if you’re anything like me you’ve been in denial about dropping temperatures, there is a mad rush to have your snow tires put on. If lifting isn’t something you do on a regular basis this can be a challenging and awkward task.

Here are some tips to avoid injury while changing or moving your tires:

  • Roll the tires to your car
  • Use proper lifting techniques (squat don’t lean, face the tire, avoid twisting/ rotating the back etc)
  • Ask for help. Enlist the help of a neighbour, child, friend to help lighten the load. Tires can be awkward, even if you lift barbells the way the load sits is different. (I’ve seen turkey related back issues, a tire is no different)
  • Store your tires elsewhere – many garages / tire shops will store your tires for you. Use this service is you’re able to!
  • Maintain a general level of strength and function. It’s difficult to expect heavy lifting from your body when it isn’t something you ask of it on a regular basis.  A Physiotherapist can help provide you with strengthening program or discuss the exercise regimen you already participate to ensure better function, strength and injury prevention.