Winter Foot Care Tips from an Oakville Foot Clinic

Oakville Physio Clinic showing injury prevention for ski and snowboard season

It has been COLD in Oakville and Halton lately!

it is easy to remember to care for your feet in the summer months because we see them more, but is just as important to look after your feet in the winter!

Here are some Chiropodist tips from our North Oakville foot clinic on how to care for your feet in the winter.

Keep your feet warm

Proper footwear and socks are vital in the cold weather.

Your shoes and boots should be covered all around and have a thick sole. The treads of your sole should be deep and ridged to help with grip and prevent slipping on snow and ice. There are also grippers that fit over your soles should you need to leave the home in more slippery conditions.

Wear warm socks that still breath. Wool socks are excellent for temperature regulation and wishing sweat away to prevent dampness.

People who have circulation issues, diabetes and other sensory issues are more likely to have issues in the winter months. If you have been having problems it is important to seek a solution and work with your Chiropodist to maintain your foot health.

Protect your feet from the elements

Wearing proper winter boots in cold and wet / slushy conditions is impotent to stay warm and for the health of your feet. Running shoes in slushy weather can be not only cold, but dangerous.

Your boots should also provide good ankle support. For more time on your feet, try to stay away from trendy soft walled “boots” that cause your ankles to collapse inwards.

Our Oakville Chiropodists can help you choose footwear that is best for you and your feet.

Inspect your feet regularly

After a shower or bath, before and after bed, are all great times to look at your feet. Look around your toenails, between your toes, and on the bottoms of your feet. Use a mirror or a cell phone if you can get to some of these places!

Look for redness, cuts, calluses or anything out of the ordinary. If you aren’t sure bring it to the attention of your doctor or book in with your Chiropodist / foot specialist.

Keep your feet and toenails clean and kept

It can be easy in the winter months to neglect your feet. Try and maintain a basic schedule for yourself. The regular foot look over will be helpful with this.

Cold weather can dry out your feet and cause cracks. Also, when your feet are in moist and dark places (like boots), fungus may grow and thrive. This can cause athletes foot and toenail fungus. Wearing proper socks and doing regular maintenance / foot care can help prevent this.

It is much easier and healthier to care for your feet regularly and have routine foot care visits with your chiropodist, than play catch up and treat ongoing or advanced issues.

Our Oakville Chiropodists are here to help with your foot health. We treat patients from all over Oakville, Halton, Burlington and Milton in our North Oakville foot clinic.

Contact us to book your appointment.

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