Why you Shouldn’t “save” all your Massages for the End of the Year…

Massage of the legs showing Oakville RMT

December is one of the busiest times of year for our Oakville Registered Massage Therapists. Many people take time off and would like massage, but others have their private insurance end of the year and realize they haven’t used their massage therapy benefits.

It is understandable to stave some benefits for “emergency” reasons, however, Massage Therapy at regular intervals during the year can be wonderful self care. People often report that they feel that they sleep better and feel more relaxed after massage therapy. Areas of self-reported tension and muscle soreness also can feel better after a massage therapy session

If you are someone who types, uses a mouse or has a repetitive gripping task, massage for the hands and forearms can feel wonderful. If you are stationary, do a lot of sitting and driving during the day, massage therapy focussing on the low back, neck and legs may be where you would like to focus.

You massage therapist, bed on your occupation, hobbies and goals will discuss with you an optimal schedule for self care to access massage therapy.