Why a Chiropodist for Routine Foot and Toenail Care?

Sore foot and ingrown toenails showing North Oakville foot clinic

A Chiropodist is a regulated health care professional that provides medical foot care.

There are regulated by the College of Chiropodists. This means that they have rules and regulations to follow that are designed to protect the public. The most recent that you will notice are covid-19 related. They dictate what PPE (personal protective equipment) your Chiropodist needs to wear and the screening process of their patients.

Along with custom orthotics, ingrown toenail procedures, diabetic foot care, and treating fungal toenails, a Chiropodists provide routine foot and toenail care. This care can be provided to people of all ages.


Your Chiropodist (foot specialist) will clean the room after and before each patient. They will only use their specialized tools on your feet after they have been disinfected and then sterilized in our autoclave. They do not use foot soaks or foot baths with jets as these cannot be cleaned to their standards.

Healthy Feet are Happy Feet

Medical Training

Chiropdists have a medical eye. They are able to diagnoses foot and ankle issues that have to do with the toenails, skin, joints and soft tissues.

The Chiropodist is up to date on the best practices for foot and toenail issues. They specialize in assessing and treating a very small area of the body.

Prevention in your health care and early recognition of any issues are always the best ways to prevent complications. For example, warts are easier to treat earlier. This is also true of thickened toenails, or fungal issues.

A Part of your Team.

Having seen our North Oakville Chiropodists for routine foot care which includes foot checks helps establish a rapore with you and your health. If your health changes or your foot health status changes, your Chiropodist is already aware of you and your preferences. They have a rapore with you.

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Our Chiropodists treat the whole family.

Private Insurance

Routine foot care and foot checks are usually covered under your private benefits under “podiatric foot care”.

Private insurance benefits recognize foot care as vital for your health. It knows that early recognition of more serious issues is what Chiropodists are excellent at. This is especially true of people with diabetes as well as neuropathy or numbness on the feet.

Our North Oakville Chiropodists often treat multiple members in a family. You do not have to struggle with fighting to clip your childs toenails. You do not have to struggle with self treatment for warts, athletes foot or fungal toenails.

Your Chiropodist will be able to diagnose your foot and toenail issues and provide treatment options that are effective for you.

To book with one of our North Oakville Chiropodists please contact us. We are here to help!