When is the last time you sat on the floor…ON PURPOSE!?

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When is the last time you sat on the floor on purpose? Were you able to get back up to a standing position, with NO HANDS?

Many of us in our youth wouldn’t have thought twice about getting down to the ground, sitting for a school assembly, and then jumping back up to a standing position.

If this is something that the thought of makes you cringe, it may be even more important for you to try! Moving up and down from the ground allows our hips and knees to go through various ranges of motions. Sitting on the ground with your back unsupported also helps strengthen your core.

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How to Start?

If your hips don’t fall naturally open, and your back folds over, then use props. You can use a pillows, a yoga bolster, or folded blankets to elevate your pelvis. This may feel more comfortable and allow your hips to open. If your hips still don’t open, you can use yoga blocks, pillows or rolled towels under your knees. In this position you can spend a couple minutes doing some neck stretches and even some relaxation breathing.

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Don’t have time to sit and breath?

It’s ok if you don’t have time, or feel like siting and breathing some days. There are benefits to getting up and down a few times. Even if sitting crosslegged is not a comfortable position yet, there are other positions that you can try. Long seated, or “L” sitting, and even kneeling. Using blankets and pillows to sit and kneel on in these positions are also options. Change it up!

Unsure of where to start? Physiotherapy and Yoga Therapy can be helpful in guiding you into progressive positions of floor sitting or simply getting up and down from the floor.