What is Yoga Therapy?

Meditating in nature, relaxation and stress-management strategies at Oakville Physiotherapy Clinic.

We’ve all seen photos in magazines and social media of perfect looking yoga poses done by super bendy people. While that is yoga for some, it is not what yoga looks like for everyone. Everyone has a different body, different sizes, different joint shapes, different limb lengths, different abilities.

The experience of Yoga is different for everyone.

Yoga Therapy is often one on one, yoga in a private setting. In our Oakville space Yoga Therapy is usually in a private room. How the Yoga Therapy session is structured is dependent on the goals of the person. The Yoga Therapist will guide you through movements, stretches and breathing exercises.

Woman doing Yoga - yoga Therapy or private yoga at Palermo Physio clinic
Yoga can be for Everyone!

The combination of movements and exercises can be geared more towards relaxation and mindfulness, strength, balance or mobility. The beauty of it is that your yoga therapist tailors each session towards the individual and their needs.

older man doing yoga at Palermo Physio in oakville
Yoga can be for Everyone!

Joining a large group class can be intimidating and not appropriate for some. Guidance in movements and yoga practice is important for the novice. A Yoga Therapist will show you best use of props and supports and modifications for yoga movements that are appropriate for YOU. Your Yoga Therapist similar to a Physiotherapist will provide you a small (or larger) program for home. The goal is to guide you through progressions and assist you in a practice that can help benefit you everyday life.

If you have any questions regarding Yoga Therapy (or private yoga) sessions, please contact us at info@palermophysio.ca or call (905) 582-9700

Wood Yoga Blocks showing Oakville yoga Therapy