What is an Orthotic?

Many people have Orthotics, have had them in the past, or have had a suggestion from coaches or other health care providers to invest in their health through Orthotic devices.

With more and more over the counter inserts that claim to be “custom” it can be difficult to understand what a true Custom Orthotic, from a Registered Chiropodist, is and how they can help you.

A custom orthotic is a device that is specifically made, using your measurements and a biomechanical assessment for you. They are not a “best fit”, they are made just for you! this means they dress your concerns whether in is pain, prevention, or performance.

Custom orthotics are devices that help align your body optimally. We know joints and muscles function best in certain positions. The feet and ankles, are the foundation of our bodies. When we optimize the foot and ankle alignment, the rest of the body typically follows.

A custom orthotic can vary in their flexibility. They can be flexible or quite stiff. Your Chiropodist will discuss with you what your goals are and the purpose behind the orthotic when deciding on stiffness. Your custom orthotic should be comfortable but still do what you need them to do.

Your Chiropodist will speak with you regarding how you plan to wear your orthotic. Your custom orthotic can be made specifically for dress shoes, soccer cleats, running shoes, and skates, for example.

Using custom in your orthotics in your athletic footwear can help keep you in the game/ sport. They can help optimize your alignment and are used in conjunction with Physiotherapy to treat things like chronic ankle sprains, plantar fasciitis, sever’s disease, achilles tendon issues, and knee pain.

Children with flat feet, or knock knees can benefit from orthotics, specifically while their muscle control, strength and endurance, catches up to their growth.

Older adults with sensory issues where they can’t feel the bottoms of their feet as well may be at risk of pressure sores and dangerous infections. Orthotics are a must to help offload areas of pressure to avoid this, as pain may not be what first brings their attention to this area.

If you have any questions in how Custom Orthotics from our Chiropodist may be of use for yourself, your child, or a parent, please call our Oakville Foot Clinic at (905) 582-9700, or email info@palermophysio.ca.