Welcome 2017!

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The team at Palermo Physio and Wellness in North Oakville, would like to wish you all a happy 2017!

Happy New Year!

It’s easy to go through the hustle and bustle and indulgences of the holiday season and fall into 2017. As we enter the new year it’s easy to set a few goals. What is harder is keeping them. The “what” is the easy part, the “why” and the “how” can be a more challenging. Here are some tips to help you work through the process:

The “Why”

It is easy to make a goal but why has it been chosen. I would caution against choosing a goal based on “should” of having to. Choose a goal because you deserve better in your life. Whether it be better health, sleep, relationships etc.

The “How”

How to go about goal setting is a different animal.

Be Realistic

When goal setting be realistic in terms of complexity and time frame. Having a generic goal like “Getting Stronger” is fantastic but narrowing in on a specific goal like “squatting ____ lbs” is even better. Now if you are just beginning and doing squats without weights, having a goal of squatting 200 lbs by month end is likely not possible and potentially injurious. Pick a realistic goal as well as actionable steps to get there.

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Choose Actionable Steps

Carrying on with the example of getting stronger and the sub goal of squatting ___ lbs,  goal to squat one to two days a week is realistic. Also, having someone who can help you with this goal like a Physiotherapist initially, depending on your level of activity and a coach later on, can help ensure you are squatting properly. If your goal is to learn the guitar or an instrument maybe having a lesson every couple of weeks but practicing most days may be the way to go!

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Set goals for different areas of your life.

We encourage balance in your body as well as your life. Sit down with a tea and a notepad and jot down a few areas in your life that you’d life to nourish. Weight loss is a popular goal of many, but go deeper and it will come. Create a sub category for relationships, health, hobbies and career. Many things can positively influence another. If you would like to spend more time with friends as well as focus on your health maybe setting up times to go for hikes or walking, or even taking a healthy cooking class together.

If your goal is to be more productive at work, scheduling in workouts before work is a great idea. You will likely have increased concentration and focus during your day with a pre-work routine.

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Create Habits

Change is possible with small manageable steps. Start small and chip away. Build on small successes. If you veer off path, regroup and start again.


You’re Worth It.

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