Ways we Relax – Oakville Physio Lisa

Cup of tea from an Oakville foot clinic offering orthotics and footcare by a chiropodist

Our team at North Oakville’s Palermo Physio and Wellness Centre tries to “practice what we preach” when it comes to living a well-balanced life. It’s not always easy and sometimes the balance shifts based on necessity to various things in our lives such as work and family. It’s interesting because most of these things are also advised, in various capacities, to help with chronic or persistent pain. Spending some time on these activities helps decrease stress hormones such as cortisol in the blood. It is important to find time to relax and develop as an individual. Here are some things that Oakville Physiotherapist Lisa tries to do in her spare time to help with relaxation.

Working Out

Going to the gym and lifting weights or running to clear her head is at the top of Lisa’s list Kettlebells at Physio clinic in Oakvillewhen it comes to relieving stress. Trying to do something active most days of the week has been helpful in managing stress levels as well as keeping her stronger for her more physical job.

Spending time with Pets

Having a Boxer showing Oakville yoga therapypet has been shown to help decrease blood pressure. Having a dog also gets the owner outside and walking them (see above). Lisa loves spending time with her dog and running with him in the park. She thinks he loves it too! Don’t let his calm demeanor fool you. He love running and playing too.


Lisa has taken on knitting as a new activity. It requires focus and is a repetitive type motion which can be helpful in managing stress – once you get over the learning curve of course! Lisa is currently working on a top secret project….hopefully it will turn out!

Spending time with friends

Making room for friends can be a challenge once you’ve fit in work and family but it’s important to nourish these important relationships. Spending some quality time with friends can also mean going for a walk, run or hike rather than just meeting for a meal.

Your Oakville Physiotherapist can help guide you in finding an activity that is safe for you. One-on-one Yoga Therapy is also a personalized way to help with guided relaxation through movement and breathing techniques. Many people also use Massage Therapy as an assisted relaxation and recovery technique and book them on a more regular basis and some people choose to book on an as needed basis.