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At our Oakville Physio and Massage Clinic, we encourage our patients to have some balance in their live, and yes that includes relaxation time! We are all so busy in our daily lives that we often have difficulty finding time for activities of enjoyment that help downgrade our nervous system. Here, in this continuation of our series – “How I Relax” – is our Oakville Massage Therapist, Sarah’s take on how she relaxes:

  • Working out – something about walking in the doors of the gym just lifts my mood and taking an hour to sweat on the elliptical or in a spinning class does wonders for taking your mind off whatever ails it at the moment

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  • Spending time sitting outside reading – either for my book club or the newspaper
  • Washing the dishes – odd to some maybe but it’s gratifying to get the job done and I use a nice soap with lavender in it for an aromatherapy touch
  • Taking a drive on a country road – if the weather is nice, I turn down the radio and open the windows so I can hear the birds singing

I try to keep a balanced view of life, in the words of Anne of Green Gables:

tomorrow is another day, fresh without any mistakes in it. If today wasn’t so great, there’s always tomorrow to try again”

Surprisingly I don’t go to massage to relax, I think my RMT (Registered Massage Therapist) friends will agree that we are all guilty of keeping our work hats on when we are the one on the table but maybe I just need some more practice!

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Sarah Eskins RMT