Ways We Relax- Josephine – Oakville Massage Therapist

Meditating in nature, relaxation and stress-management strategies at Oakville Physiotherapy Clinic.
We believe in taking the time from our busy schedule at our Oakville Physiotherapy, Massage Therapy, Chiropody (foot care) and Yoga Therapy clinic relax. Relaxation comes in all shapes and forms, from Physiotherapist Lisa knitting and working out, to Massage Therapist Sarah finding pleasure in the small things like taking the time to hand wash dishes with lavender soap. Relaxation techniques have been shown to help downgrade the nervous system, help with sleep and even help with how we experience pain.
relax with a massage in Oakville
Here Oakville Registered Massage Therapist Josephine shares some of the things that help her find relaxation with her busy schedule and a physical job:
1. Working Out – The gym as enables me to release a good sweat as I “groove” to cardio and latin beats to stay healthy. I love taking a latin type class that is lively and fun!
2.  Hiking – Taking in the sights and sounds of nature with hikes in the conservation areas alongside beautiful flowers and the coolness of the waterfalls. This is a great activity to share with loved ones also.
3.  Shower – It sounds simple but having a nice warm shower and taking a few deep breaths allows the troubles and the stresses of the day just wash away
4. Meditation –  Being able to calm my mind with a peaceful and soothing meditation. For some people this could be through prayer and for others it may be using calming music or a guided meditation.
Stones and flowers showing North Oakville Yoga and Physio clinic
Try different ways to relax to find out what works for you. It doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. Unplug while doing it to spend some focused “me” time, even if its 10 minutes. You’ll likely find sleep will improve as well as productivity in your day if you make some time for you!