Wart Treatment Options: From an Oakville Chiropodist

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Many patients come in to our Oakville Foot Clinic for treatment of warts. There are those who have tried over the counter remedies to no avail or may have received some treatment from their family doctor that has helped a little but some warts remain. Our Oakville Chiropodist provides a thorough foot assessment provides different wart treatment options based on the person. Do you

What are Plantar Warts?

Plantar warts are a common issue. Located commonly on the soles of the feet, plantar warts are viral infections. Because of the warts location on the sole or plantar surfaces of the feet they can develop an overlaying callous. A plantar wart tends to be hard and flat, with a rough surface and well-defined boundaries. Warts can also present on the top of the toes or foot where they tend to be more raised and fleshier.

Due to the location and nature of warts they are often confused with corns. People may self-treat warts as if they are corns a vice versa. It is important to have you foot issue properly diagnosed by a Podiatric foot specialist (Chiropodist or Podiatrist) to ensure the most appropriate treatment begins as soon as possible.

Warts are often the colour of your flesh and have small black dots in the center.  Due to having many small blood vessels,  warts tend to bleed when the overlying dead skin is removed. This is different then corns and calluses which have little vascularity.

How are warts treated?

  • Warts can be effectively treated through freezing, chemicals, and even needling.
  • The overlying callus should be filed down or removed initially to better treat the wart.
  • Chemical: Salicylic acid is the main ingredient found in many over the counter treatment options. The over-the-counter options are at a lower percentage than we use at our Oakville foot clinic. This remedy usually requires a few sessions spaced out over a few weeks.
  • Silver Nitrate is another option Chiropodists can use for wart treatment. It can cause some black markings. This can be an excellent option when treating children as it generally causes less discomfort.
  • Needling the wart is alittle more of an aggressive approach but is quite effective in only a couple treatments.
  • Freezing (cryotherapy) is safe and does not usually require any numbing of the area but may be too painful for children to tolerate. I

How do you prevent warts?

  • Wear flip-flops or sandals in public showers or public areas – this helps prevent contact with wart causing virus.
  • Wash and dry your feet thoroughly.

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If you think you’ve been struggling with home treatment for you or your child a Chiropodist cam help assess the area a provide safe and effective treatment. Chiropody treatment for warts, corns, calluses and other foot and toenail issues may be covered under your private insurance benefits.

We are happy to answer any questions you may have at info@palermophysio.ca or (905) 582-9700.