Trips and Falls are Not Inevitable as We Age

woman after working out showing Oakville pelvic health Physio

As many people age they may notice that they aren’t as quick with movements, they can’t get up and down form the floor as easily, and their reaction time seems to slow down. To a certain extent this is “normal”. As we age we lose strength, we get more stiff and we don’t seem to move as well. With age, injury and health risks can become more serious.

Risk of trips and falls can increase due these processes as we age.

This does not have to be inevitable!

As Physiotherapists we know there is a lot an individual can do to slow these processes down significantly. We have the power to decrease chances of “age related” injury.

Falls can be a serious concern as we age. Injuries can occur due to osteoporosis and general stiffness. As a result there can be a cycle of disuse and immobility. Atrophy (muscle wasting) can occur during recovery leading to more strength deficits. Bed rest for an extended period of time can also lead to dangerous chest infections like pneumonia. These risks can be compounded when people have other health issues.

Regular Exercise is Important!

Starting to exercise before we significantly decline is helpful but not necessary. It is never too late to benefit from regular exercise. Regular exercise and strengthening can decrease fall risk. It also helps benefit us by helping us recover if we are injured, by a fall or otherwise.

When there are already warning signs of stumbles and loss of balance, Physiotherapists can help provide you with a supervised program and in many cases exercises to do at home. It is possible and important to improve physical fitness and strength at any age!

Our North Oakville Physiotherapy clinic believes in this strongly. We have started a small group exercise class to help increase mobility, balance and strength in some of our older patients. It is incredibly rewarding to see and hear how strength and balance improvements help boost confidence, energy and function in our patients.

Seniors riding bikes in park showing Oakville Physio

Call (905) 582-9700 or email for more information on how our small group exercise program or individualized Physiotherapy can be of benefit to you or your loved one.