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Our Oakville Chiropodists treat foot and ankle issues. This includes toenail and skin related issues. One thing people think most about with regards to Chiropody is custom orthotics, but they treat so much more in a foot clinic!

Any painful point, or skin issue on the foot, our Chiropodists are here for you. They are educated for years in the science and physiology of the body, and specifically the feet.

A Chiropodist uses tools that are are sterilized and cleaned in a special place called an autoclave. This is the same type of unit a Dentist uses for sterilize the tools they use in our mouth!

Some people call this type of treatment from a Chiropodist a medical pedicure. This is because while they treat your area of concern, they also give your feet a full “check-up”.

What is a Corn?

A corn is an area of thickened skin on the foot. It is a round area. Corns are formed from repeated pressure / rubbing of the toes on each other or on the inside of the shoe.

Corns most commonly appear between, or on top of the toes, but they can also be on the bottom on the foot and the ball of the foot. If nothing changes with regards to the footwear or areas of pressure that have caused the corn, it is likely they will come back.

Your Chiropodist will advise you on daily foot care and footwear to protect against corns coming back. If you have corns on the bottom of the feet or even the tops of the toes, custom orthotics may be the way to go. This is because custom orthotics help relief areas of pressure and correct fallen areas of the foot and hammer toes.

Corns, in a way, are the body’s way of preventing blisters. They may not be painful initially, but may cause tenderness and sensitivity over time. If you have an area of redness and you have neuropathy (decreased sensation) it is important to have it checked for infection by a Chiropodist.

oakville foot clinic treating thick toenails

Treatment of Corns by a Chiropodist:

As with all people who seek care for foot issues, the Chiropodist will perform a thorough assessment. This is based on your feet, walking style, health issues, footwear etc.

Based on what they find in your personalized assessment, they Chiropodist will formulate a treatment for you. This will likely include removal of the corn and also advise to help prevent recurrence.

  • Advice on proper footwear
  • Custom orthotics
  • Modification of footwear
  • Toe spacers or additional padding

If you have corns or calluses, our North Oakville Chiropodists are here to help. Podiatric foot care is covered under most private insurance benefits. We service patients from Oakville, Burlington, Milton and the surrounding Halton area.

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