Treating Cracked Heels – From an Oakville Chiropodist

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Heel Fissures (Cracked Heels)

It’s coming up to warmer weather where we like to take our shoes and socks off and let our feet breath! Transitioning to bare feet can cause the skin and heels to get dry. This dryness can lead to fissures or cracked heels to develop in the feet. These cracks can be quite painful. Cracked heels can be even more complicated if you have Diabetes.

Heels can crack due to fungal skin infections as well. It is important to have a Chiropodist assess your feet for the cause of the cracked heels to help you best.

How do you Treat Cracked Heels?

Your Chiropodist (foot specialist) may help safely remove any excess and thickened skin. This will help the emollient penetrate more deeply. The Chiropodist should be using tools that have been cleaned a sterilized in an autoclave. The Chiropodist will recommend a good quality foot cream. Any additional recommendations regarding treating cracked heels are provided on a case by case bases by the Chiropodist. This depends on health issues as well as activities.

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