Travel – From the Eyes of an Oakville Physio

Canadian Flag showing Canada Day 150

Our professions and educational background influence how we see and experience the world. As a Physiotherapist I can’t help but notice how people move, walk, use the stairs etc. Being a Physiotherapist also influences travel and how I experience trips. My recent trip to London and Edinburgh are no different.

On the plane rides I made sure to wear my compression socks. While I have never had any vascular incidents such as deep vain thrombosis, definitely want to prevent any possibility of these as well as spider veins and vericose veins that can be are result of major pressure changes.

Oakville Physio, compression socks, compression stockings

I recommend to everyone who travels whether it is by plane or longer car rides, to wear compression socks and stockings. It’s easier to prevent vascular issues than to treat them after the fact. Wearing compression is an easy way to do this. I also often wear them at work simply because I’m on my feet for longer periods of time.

While in London I took a tour of the Arsenal football stadium. Of course what I found to most interesting to see wasn’t necessarily what the typical person may be excited about. I loved taking a look at the Physiotherapy treatment area of the team. This would be the area where the Physio’s would get the players all taped up for their games as well as after game Physio and rehab treatment.

Oakville Physio at arsenal Physio room

I think some people would be surprised that it looks like a “typical” physiotherapy treatment room. I would be interested to see where thee team would do more of there strength and conditioning and exercise based rehabilitation.

Just across from the Physio room is an awesome rehab “pool”. The soccer players can use this after games and practices. The areas to sit are ergonomic and they also move to help massage. I son’t know about you, but I could handle having this in my house!

Arsenal football rehab pool, Oakville Physio, massage foot clinic, yoga therapy

While on the tour of the Arsenal football (soccer for us Canadians), another thing stood out to my Physiotherapy mind. There was an accessible washroom with a sign on it that said “not all disabilities are visible”. This is a great reminder that no everyone has outward signs such as crutches or a wheelchair to show that an accessible washroom is a better option for them. This also true of every day interactions. Everyone is different, some people take longer to process questions and respond, and some people may be walking or moving more slowly. It’s important to remember this and have patience while we’re out and about.

Accessible sign from an Oakville Physio, massage, foot clinic

Not many people here know this, but most museums and galleries in the United Kingdom have free entry. This is an awesome opportunity to take in some culture and science! I popped into the National Gallery of Scotland and really enjoyed their science section. I was able to see Dolly the sheep. I was also able to see some examples of materials used in total hip replacement surgeries.Oakville Physio

Travelling is an amazing way to see and experience the world. Like many cities, the best way of getting around is by using public transit, like the tube, and walking. If you’re planning on touring like this make sure you prepare by going for walks and hikes, and of course bring good shoes! It’s no fun to be sore and injured during a vacation. Making sure you have adequate strength an endurance is the best way to go about this.