Toenail problems? Our Chiropodist’s can help!

Chiropodist’s, or foot specialists, focus on the feet and ankles. They assess and treat the skin or the feet, joints of the feet and ankles, and even the toenails of the feet.

Issues with the toenails are more common than you think. We are often able to self treat “small” issues related to our feet but there are many things that if you see a Chiropodist early in the game, it makes for less problems.

What are some toenail issues a Chiropodist treats?

  • I can’t reach my toenails / feet
  • I can’t see my feet / toenails
  • My hands have difficulty using tools to cut my toenails
  • I can’t feel my feet
  • Ingrown toenails
  • Thick toenails
  • Cracked toenails
  • Black toenails
  • Bruised toenails

Toenail issues can happen at all ages. Even infants can have ingrown toenails!

Our North Oakville Chiropodists certainly see patterns. Certain toenail issues are more prevalent in people of different ages and with other health issues.

It is important to see a Chiropodist or foot specialist for your foot and toenail care because of their medical training and eye. They also use special tools that have been cleaned and sterilized properly. They are able to prescribe medications if they are needed such as topical creams. They will also provide education to make sure you are doing the right things at home.

Contact us at our North Oakville Foot Clinic to book in with one of our awesome Chiropodists. We service patients from Halton, Oakville, Mississauga, Milton, and Burlington. Chiropody, or podiatry foot care, is covered under most private benefit plans. Unfortunately, while we are able to direct bill for massage, physio and acupuncture, we are unable to provide direct billing services for foot care at this time.