Stay with it – Do your Homework!

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At our Oakville Physio, Massage, Chiropody and Yoga Therapy Clinic, a large part of our interaction with patients includes education and things to work on at home (“homework”). We use the goals that you, our patients have provided us whether it be to decrease pain, improve balance, or get stronger, to give you the most suitable exercises. These exercises are a vital part of your program. When you come in to the clinic for a follow-up, you know one of the first questions your Oakville Physiotherapist, Yoga Therapist, Chiropodist or Massage Therapist will ask you is: “how have your exercises been going?”.

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Here is a blog post from a patient on their perspective of their rehabilitation process:

I got hurt. I needed help. I went to you, my Physiotherapist for help.

I saw you, I heard you, I paid attention to you. I understood your instructions. At your clinic I practiced the exercises and movements you prescribed. I went home. I did them a couple of times or not at all. I went back to you for my next appointment. You discussed with me how I was doing. I said there’s not been much improvement. 

We’ve all been there. Busy lives. Responsibilities. Party time. Good times, bad times, easy times, difficult times.


What if I reorganize my thinking and recognize that by focusing on my physical well-being I will make a tangible difference in my ability to function optimally, reduce my discomfort or pain and get back to the things that fulfill my life. Move me positively along the scale towards improved well-being.

Maybe I’ll put it in the Calendar on my cell phone with a 2 hour reminder chime.

I could do my work in front of a mirror to understand my form; repeat the movements so they become natural to me; push a little harder when ok to do so.

Or reward myself with a small treat after I’ve completed my stretches, exercises, cold/warm applications…

Perhaps I’ll ask a loved one to be my “Prod” Buddy to gently remind me.

Feeling better is nice. I know! I’ll work at it at home….

When I go back to you, my Physiotherapist, it will be wonderful to tell you that I’ve noticed an improvement (you’ll know the truth anyway!)


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If you have difficulty fitting in your home program, speak with your Physio. We would be happy to help you work to fit your exercises in your schedule.