Snow Day!!!! Winter Olympics and Oakville Fun.

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The sight of quickly falling snow growing up in Canada, as a child, would make your heart skip a beat!

Will buses be cancelled?!

Will school be cancelled?!

The thought of getting to spend the day building snow forts and going sledding was always amazing!

When you have a driveway to shovel and a sidewalk to clear and traffic to battle getting to work a dump of snow may not be quite as exciting. That being said, there are PLENTY of fun ways to take advantage of the snowy weather and colder temperatures in Oakville and Halton. With the winter Olympics beginning in Pyeongchang, many people may be inspired to try out a new activity.

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Physiotherapy for hockey players


Remember to take your time and wear proper gear for your activity. This includes safety gear and thermal wear. If you’re snowboarding, skiing and even ice skating, a helmet is a must. As “safety first” Oakville Physiotherapists we strongly suggest people take lessons when first beginning some of these activities. Start with a strong base and the best movement patterns. Learning how to fall and move early can prevent issues in the future. It’s not too late to learn a new activity, just start carefully. It is important to acknowledge your baseline level of fitness and strength before beginning a new activity or sport and slowly build time, intensity and difficulty.

Have fun on this snowy weekend! Get outside in your local community and take advantage of the snow.