Skeleton Facts – The Bones in Our Feet!

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Following up to our Halloween blog post on face on bones and the skeleton, we’ve decided to narrow down to one area…

The Feet!

The feet and foot care is the focus of the profession of Chiropody. A Chiropodist, or podiatry foot specialist, assesses and treats the skin, toenails and structure of the feet.

Our Oakville Chiropodists may use padding to help protect certain areas as well as custom orthotics to help support the bony structure and joints of the foot.

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Foot Skeleton Facts:

  • The feet contain 1/4 of the bodies bones
  • Each foot has 26 bones (some people may have more or less)
  • The many bones in your feet are connected most deeply by 107 ligaments
  • The big toe, where it connects to the foot, has two tiny floating bones under it called sesamoid bones
  • The foot functionally is split into 3 parts, the forefoot, the mid foot, and the hindfoot.
  • The structure and alignment of the feet helps with weight bearing and shock absorption
  • Osteoarthritis in the foot is most common in the big toe
  • Custom Orthotics provided by a Chiropodist can help with bony alignment or the feet and shock absorption. They can also help protect areas of high compression in those who have decreased sensation of the feet such as diabetics.

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