Self-Care of the Holidays – From an Oakville Physio

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It’s a busy time of year for many people here in Oakville. Schedules are filled with gatherings, concerts, shopping time etc. It’s easy to start feeling overwhelmed during this time of the year. Having less sunlight can even affect us.

During this time of year it is helpful continue to manage with a solid self-care routine. This is an important this to have established to turn to all year round so when busy times happen, it’s easy to return to a sea-care routine.

As Physiotherapists and Massage Therapists, we know that stress hormones and being in a chronically elevated state affects pain.

Here are SomeTips for Self-Care over the Holidays:

Exercise – This sometimes is the first thing to fall by the wayside in times of stress and when we’re busy. Sneaking in a quick walk, a shorter gym workout, or a few sun salutations at home is an important thing. Taking time for yourself is nothing to feel guilty about.

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Sleep – Ensure you are maintaining a good sleep schedule.

Pamper yourself – this may include booking a massage with an RMT. For some this may mean squeaking in a 30 or 45 minute Massage Therapy Treatment designed for simple relaxation. Many people have private insurance benefits that likely will cover this. If you do no have coverage and have are able to, this type of care is really an investment in yourself.

Cup of tea from an Oakville foot clinic offering orthotics and footcare by a chiropodistSeek assistance from a specialist in mental health. Accessing assistance from a trained professional such as a Psychologist in times of need is an important thing. They can provide guidance and strategies when you are struggling as well as potentially bring clarity to issues.

Meditate This does not necessarily mean sitting in a room for an hour. Try to set aside a few minutes daily to help quiet your mind. This is a skill that builds upon itself, like muscle strengthening.

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Take care this holiday season. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Try to slow down and keep it simple.